Water Related Issues

(October 19, 2017) Status of water supply and water temperature for the successful spawning of returning salmon in the Lower American River

The water committee continues to meet with the Water Forum regarding outstanding technical issues on the latest proposed flow management standard. At the same time, SARA is still fighting efforts by water districts in the Sierra Nevada foothills to divert American River water and sell it to purveyors outside of the region. Enough water in the river is no help if the water is polluted. We have ongoing battles with the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board over the issuing of sewer discharge permits that violate state and federal law. 

SARA continues to work with allied organizations to institute reforms in the way California's water is managed. The ongoing drought has focused attention on the unregulated use of ground water and reservoirs and the historical practice of allocating water that does not exist. We are engaged in raising serious objections to the proposed Delta tunnels as a water management strategy for California's future. Read Groups Expose The Big Lie: "There's No Plan B to Delta Tunnels" by Dan Bacher [Daily KOS - Jun 29, 2016]

E.coli Bacteria

For several years, a team of SARA members has been taking and testing water samples in the Lower American River. Dangerous levels of E.coli bacteria have been found in several areas where people swim and fish. The most dangerous levels have been found at Tiscornia Beach in Discovery Park. SARA has been urging officials to close Tiscornia Beach to the public.

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