The Sacramento County Regional Parks Department plans to re-open old gravel access roads to public motor vehicle traffic through the interior of Sailor Bar Park parallel to the banks of the Lower American River.


These roads were closed in 2009 due to severe budget cuts. Since then, this 144-acre site has healed from the impacts of vehicle traffic and is now a haven for plants and wildlife. The roads have transitioned into walking paths frequented by those wishing to avoid disturbing nesting birds and salmon spawning areas along the river banks. 

The County did not notify the public as required by the American River Parkway Public Notification Procedures 2009 before beginning work to re-open the roads in late 2023. Save the American River Association and the community group Friends of Sailor Bar want the County to reconsider its plans to re-open the roads based on the negative impact experienced when the gravel roads were accessible to public vehicles, causing public safety issues, and potentially harming wildlife habitat.

Since the road closures in 2009, there has been a reduction in the number of motor vehicles being driven recklessly in the park endangering pedestrians and wildlife, the dumping of trash/bulk waste, abandonment of pets, and other illegal activities. Additionally, ample parking and pedestrian access are currently available at the two entrances to Sailor Bar, allowing everyone access to the river's edge. Adding public motor vehicle traffic on these roads is unnecessary and detrimental to the values that make the American River and Parkway Sacramento's regional crown jewel.


1) Sign the petition Save Sailor Bar from Motor Vehicle Traffic.

2) Donate to the Sailor Bar defense fund.


KCRA 3 - June 14, 2024
Sacramento County wants to reopen gravel roads at Sailor Bar. Why nearby residents are concerned
Orko Manna, Reporter

April 15, 2024

Fire at Sailor Bar Reinforces Concerns About Opening Roads to Motor Vehicle Traffic

Letter to Sacramento County Supervisor Rich Desmond following April 15 fire at Sailor Bar from Friends of Sailor Bar

March 29, 2024 - See the memo from Friends of Sailor Bar Legal Counsel, Matthew Chalmers, to the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors