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Sacramento News & Review - March 5, 2024
After three-year community battle, development planned for Rancho Cordova’s last open space is stalled
By Hannah Ross



Roundhouse News & Review - May 24, 2022
Citizen Science: Tracking E. coli in the American River
By Madalyn Wright


The Sacramento Bee - August 24, 2021
See how draft horses are being used to remove debris from this Sacramento creek
By Sara Nevis

The Sacramento Bee - June 23, 2021
More fires are burning along American River Parkway. How can we save our local treasure?
By Ryan Sabalow, Phillip Reese, and Michael McGough

Sacramento News & Review - January 27, 2021
Rancho Cordova residents rally to save one of the city’s last pieces of open space
By Scott Thomas Anderson


The Sacramento Bee - May 28, 2020
American River in Sacramento still tainted with feces, despite new parkway bathrooms
By Ryan Sabalow and Theresa Clift

Fish Sniffer - January 13, 2020
Salmon Advocates Respond to Reclamation Plan to Cut Flows on American River
By Dan Bacher


The Sacramento Bee - September 12, 2019
‘What diluted sewage looks like.’ American River in Sacramento tainted with feces
By Ryan Sabalow and Vincent Moleski

Style Magazine - June 2019
Save the American River Association - Preserving the Parkway
By Sharon Penny

Daily Kos - April 3, 2019
Scientist urges Reclamation to reduce pre-spawning salmon mortality on American River this year
By Dan Bacher

Sacramento News & Review - January 23, 2019
Clear-cutting Sacramento’s crown jewel
By Stephen Green


The Sacramento Bee - June 18, 2018
They are building 11,000 new homes in Folsom. But will there be enough water?

May 30, 2018
Proposition 68 news conference at Sutter's Landing

The Sacramento Bee - April 18, 2018
Filth at popular beach exceeds regulatory standard, raises health risks for swimmers
By Ed Fletcher


The Sacramento Bee - October 11, 2017
Folsom Lake and Lake Natoma had high E. coli readings. Should the public be warned?
By Brad Branan

The Sacramento Bee - June 21, 2017
How Sacramento County supervisors blew it on parkway safety
By Stephen Green - Special to The Bee (SARA President)

Daily KOS - March 15, 2017
Breaking: Restore the Delta Releases Sustainable Water Plan for California
By Dan Bacher

Central Valley Business Times - January 30, 2017
Environmental groups assail governor’s Delta tunnels

The Sacramento Bee - January 10, 2017
Outdoorsman defended American River Parkway
By Sam Stanton


Daily KOS - December 10, 2016
Congress Approves Water Bill With Feinstein's Environmentally Destructive Rider
By Dan Bacher (SARA Advisory Council member)

The Sacramento Bee - November 27, 2016
Desert and farm, water drainage and a new deal in the Central Valley
By Mark Arax - Special to The Bee

The Sacramento Bee - November 1, 2016
How voters can save California’s plastic bag ban
By Stephen Green - Special to The Bee (SARA President)

The Sacramento Bee - October 15, 2016
Are Sacramento voters willing to pay to repave roads, upgrade transit?
By Tony Bizjak

Daily KOS - Jun 29, 2016
Groups Expose The Big Lie: "There's No Plan B to Delta Tunnels"
By Dan Bacher (SARA Advisory Council member)

The Sacramento Bee - June 14, 2016
Sacramento County sales tax measure heads to November ballot: American River group opposes plan for new bridge at Truxel Road
By Tony Bizjak

The Sacramento Bee - May 21, 2016
Mega food truck event draws thousands to Discovery Park
By Cynthia Hubert

The Sacramento Bee - May 16, 2016
Fight at Discovery Park concert leaves one dead, another on the loose: Save the American River Association argues that parkway plan prohibits large scale events at park
By Mark Glover, Cathy Locke, and Chris Macias

The Sacramento Bee - February 22, 2016
Sacramento County should join ban on plastic bags: Millions of bags despoil streets, rivers and the American River Parkway
By Stephen Green - Special to The Bee (SARA President)

The Sacramento Bee - January 3, 2016
Building Sites reservoir will never pencil out or produce much water
By Stephen Green - Special to The Bee (SARA President)

In Praise of the River and Parkway

Sacramento Magazine - October 2016
Finding myself on the trails
By Anna Quinlan

The San Francisco Chronicle - March 8, 2008
An urban bike trail that's done right
By Tom Stienstra 

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