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Preserve the Former Kassis Property Floodway:
The former Kassis property in Rancho Cordova is one of the last sizable areas of open space along the American River Parkway. The City is poised to let Trumark, an out-of-town developer, wipe out a critical refuge for wildlife to build 29 million-dollar homes with river views.

Illegal Camping on the American River Parkway:
SARA believes that the occurrence of illegal camping in the Parkway would likely be reduced if adequate housing and services were available as an alternative. However, SARA firmly believes that lack of such housing and services does not justify cessation or reduction of efforts to enforce illegal camping ordinances in the Parkway so as to achieve and maintain the community standard embodied in the Parkway Plan.

Lower American River Conservancy Program - AB 1716:
The governor signed Assembly Bill 1716, the bill to create a state conservancy program for the Lower American River Parkway, on September 16, 2016. Thank you to everyone who sent letters and pictures to Governor Brown in support of the bill. 

A 'Yes' vote on Prop 68 is a vote for the Lower American River - 5/30/18 news conference
Prop 68 Passes with Major Support from California Voters


Use of Discovery Park as a Large Concert Special Event Venue:
SARA has consistently been opposed to large concert special events in the American River Parkway, specifically Discovery Park.

Off-paved Trail Cycling Pilot:
On September 8, 2017 the Sacramento County Department of Regional Parks will open the Off-Paved Trail Cycling Pilot Program in Woodlake and Cal Expo areas of the American River Parkway. Mountain bikers will be allowed to ride six miles of unpaved maintenance and fire roads in these areas during a trial period from September 2017 to 2020. Mountain biking remains prohibited throughout the American River Parkway outside of the Woodlake and Cal Expo areas. The purpose of the pilot is to determine whether Off-Paved Trail Cycling can be an appropriate permanent use in the American River Parkway.

Save Hinkle Creek Nature Area:
The City of Folsom, whose motto is "Distinctive by Nature," is insisting that it must cut down 77 mature oak trees and impact a total of 175 in the Hinkle Creek Nature Area for a 12 foot wide road to maintain a sewer line servicing 28 homes. For more than a year the Save Hinkle Creek Nature Area work group, including Habitat 2020 as represented by SARA and the California Native Plant Society, has been working with industry professionals to develop an alternative 4 point plan to the destructive road. The plan saves the trees, preserving Hinkle Creek's nature, culture and history. It prevents sewage spills that could pollute Hinkle Creek and the American River. The plan costs less money than the City's proposed road.

Lake Natoma Waterfront and Trail Access Enhancement Project:
The City of Folsom is proposing an urban-type park development in the Lake Natoma portion of the American River Parkway.  SARA is very concerned about this project, one that will change the “wilderness with trails character” of the Parkway – and establish a bad precedent.

SAFCA's Proposed Levee Improvement Assessment:
SARA has been following the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)/Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency (SAFCA)/Central Valley Flood Protection Board (CVFPB)/DWR levee work on portions of the Lower American River. Many have seen the erosion protection measures at Paradise Beach, Campus Commons Golf Course, H Street Bridge, and Sac State/Howe. 

American River Bridge Crossing:
SARA continues to oppose cars added to the Downtown Natomas Airport (DNA) lightrail/bike/pedestrian bridge across the American River at Truxel Road.

McKinley Village Project:
SARA continues to monitor this proposed project for impacts to the American River Parkway in the region of the Parkway from Discovery Park to CSUS.
Read SARA'S 7/9/13 letter concerning the Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report for the McKinley Village Project.

Joint Operations Center:
SARA is partnering with concerned stakeholders to prevent the US Bureau of Reclamation, the California Department of Water Resources and the National Weather Service from relocating their Joint Operation Center to federally owned land adjacent to the American River Parkway.

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