One of the last wildlife sanctuaries along the Lower American River is in danger of disappearing forever. 

The Kassis property in Rancho Cordova is one of the last sizable areas of open space along the American River Parkway. The City is poised to let Trumark, an out-of-town developer, wipe out a critical refuge for wildlife to build 24 million dollar homes with river views.

See the development proposal.

The upper 21 acres of the Kassis property adjacent to Folsom Boulevard is suitable for development, but the lower 20 acres of wildlife habitat along the Lower American River is in the floodplain and must be preserved.



Help us stop Trumark from paving over 20 acres of an historic walnut orchard critical to the Parkway's wildlife.

1) Sign the petition.

  • Insist that the City of Rancho Cordova require Trumark to preserve the 20 acre floodplain portion of the property overlooking William B. Pond and River Bend Parks, and save for generations this irreplaceable land's recreational, educational and natural values for the citizens of Rancho Cordova and all of the Parkway's thousands of annual visitors.
  • Urge the Rancho Cordova City Council to reject the Trumark plan as proposed. The Kassis site is a unique site that deserves a unique plan. It sits at the western gateway to the City. Any development on the upper 21 acres deserves a lot of care and imagination. Trumark's plan seeks to maximize development in a very conventional manner, and does not reflect the current needs of the residents, respect for Rancho Cordova's colorful history and a vision for the future.

2) Make a donation.

  • You can help fund our efforts by donating to the Kassis Property Preservation fund.



This land is home to the river's bald eagles, deer, bobcats, foxes, hawks, owls, and many more of the Parkway's wild residents. Endangered Swainson's Hawk have been spotted in the vicinity. Fisherman routinely find their way to the base of this property to stand quietly in the pursuit of steelhead.

Here is where the wildlife escapes to when the river floods their homes on the American River Parkway. The property has approximately 335 trees, the majority consisting of walnut and pecan trees that are part of an historic orchard critical to the Parkway's wildlife. The proposed project would remove ALL the trees (except a few directly on the river bank) of which 150 are protected trees subject to tree mitigation fees.

As those before us worked so hard to do, so to are we charged with continuing to protect and preserve the lower American River and Parkway.




Contact the Rancho Cordova City Council to insist that Trumark work with the community to find an alternative to paving over the 20 acres of Kassis property floodplain overlooking William B. Pond and River Bend Parks on the lower American River. 

David Sander, Mayor

Garrett Gatewood

Donald Terry

Linda Budge

Robert McGarvey


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  • Donald Childs
    commented 2020-12-29 16:43:26 -0800
    Robert McGarvey was not re-elected to city council in November 2020 General Election. Siri Pulupati was elected to city council. Her email is
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