Lower American River Conservancy Program

The governor signed Assembly Bill 1716, the bill to create a state conservancy program for the Lower American River Parkway, on September 16, 2016.

Thank you to everyone who sent letters/faxes and pictures to Governor Brown in support of the bill. See the history of the bill.


Over the past twenty years, conservancies have directed hundreds of millions of state dollars to acquire and restore land and improve public access to key resources including the coast, Lake Tahoe, the Sierra Nevada, and several rivers including the San Joaquin, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Gabriel, and others.

The proposed Wildlife Conservation Board's Lower American River Conservancy Program would be a state partner that would provide grants to the County of Sacramento, nonprofit organizations, and others to:

  • Restore lands along the lower American River that have been severely damaged by fire and invasive weeds;
  • Acquire and restore additional lands to further advance the American River Parkway values;
  • Improve public access.


The Conservancy Program's role would be to fund projects that strengthen the natural and recreational values of the American River Parkway consistent with the American River Parkway Plan. A very exciting benefit of the Conservancy would be to acquire critical funding for the Natural Resources Management Plan.


Feel free to contact Betsy Weiland, SARA Land Use Committee Chair, if you have further questions, concerns or comments. Our members' opinions are very important to us.

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