Kassis Property Easements


In 1973, 30-foot easements were dedicated from Mira Del Rio Drive to Stirling Park Drive, and down into the 20-acre walnut orchard (floodway), connecting to the American River Parkway's River Bend Park and Jedidiah Smith Bicycle Trail. These are public easements are currently being blocked. These are current existing public property rights, and a private proposed development may take them away and impact the access to fishing, birding, hiking, biking and riding assets of our Parkway. Newspaper articles from 1973, when these easements were granted, make it clear bike riders were to have access to these public riding paths. We urge that these easements be enforced and demand the property owners immediately remove their fencing which is illegally blocking public access.


Thank you to everyone who joined us to walk the easements on May 1, 2021. See coverage of the event "Locals Assert Rights to Public Easements"

City of Rancho Cordova's Easement findings update

Documents of Proof of Easements and Illegal Blocking of Easements:

Narrative Easements Related to Former Kassis Property

Full Title Report with hyperlinks to recorded documents in public record

Supporting Attachments to the Narrative:

City Master Plan Bike Path over location of 54’ easement

School District Maps

Easement at Mira Del Rio and Bridge Over Drainage Canal

Actual Route of 30’ Hiking and Riding Easement



Linda Budge, Mayor
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David Sander, Vice Mayor
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Siri Pulipati, City Council Member
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Garrett Gatewood, City Council Member
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Donald Terry, City Council Member
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Russ Ducharme, Neighborhood Services
[email protected]

Micah Runner, City Manager
[email protected]

Darcy Goulart, Planning
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  • Donna Walters
    commented 2023-08-07 05:39:04 -0700
    It is my understanding that decisions regarding this project are now in the hands of the state Housing and Community Development department because it now qualifies as an affordable housing development with access to mass transit. The number of proposed units has also skyrocketed from the original proposal. Do you have any suggestions as to how to get the state employees at Housing and Community Development to reject this project?
  • Sara Stephens
    published this page 2021-11-04 09:32:58 -0700

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