American River Parkway Plan 2008

The American River Parkway is the crown jewel of our Regional Parks system that is in the care and custody of Sacramento County. The Parkway is an open space greenbelt on both sides of the American River that extends approximately 29 miles from Folsom Dam to the confluence of the American and Sacramento Rivers. The Lower American River is the 23-mile portion of the Parkway located between Nimbus Dam and the confluence of the two Rivers and has been designated as a Wild and Scenic River by both the State of California and the Federal Government.

The American River Parkway Plan 2008 is the cornerstone of all of SARA's efforts to protect the American River Parkway that we all enjoy and treasure. The Parkway Plan is the policy document for the American River Parkway and the management plan for the federal and State Wild and Scenic Rivers Acts. The locally approved Parkway Plan has been adopted by the State Legislature as the Urban American River Parkway Preservation Act, California Public Resources Code Section 5840 et seq. Changes to the policies in Chapter 2 of the Parkway Plan require the prior approval of specified local agencies and the State Legislature.

As Guardians of the American River Parkway since 1961, SARA advocates for the preservation and protection of the natural resources and recognizes that the Parkway Plan also provides for recreational activities appropriate in the natural environment of the Parkway and which are not normally provided at other County regional parks. Please do not hesitate to contact SARA if we may be of assistance in the interpretation of and application of the Parkway Plan to your situation.

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