2020 Issues

In 2020, Save the American River Association will continue to test for E.coli bacteria levels in the Lower American River with the goal of identifying sources of contamination. The most likely sources are homeless campers on the Parkway, and aging and overloaded sewer systems in municipalities along the river.  We will continue to work with local governments and other organization to address the trash, pollution and fires that campers are causing on the Parkway. We also will continue working in opposition to the City of Folsom’s efforts to develop and commercialize the shoreline and bluffs at Lake Natoma.

Our volunteers will continue working on other issues including:

  • Initiatives to improve water flow and temperature conditions in the Lower American River where there has been a serious decline in salmon and trout populations.
  • Initiatives to force PG&E to restore the critical habitat that they destroyed in the lower end of the Parkway.
  • Monitoring the Superfund cleanup where groundwater was contaminated by chemicals dumped by Aerojet Rocketdyne.
  • Working with other organizations on legislation to protect the California Environmental Quality Act, ban plastic straws, and other environmental issues. We also will be working to get a bond issue on the November 2020 ballot to provide grant money for the Lower American River Conservancy Program.

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