2019 issues

In the heart of Discovery Park, within the floodplain of the Lower American River, a ribbon of scarce riparian forest has been butchered by PG&E's changes to their previously successful trees and vegetation management plan balancing secure power and natural resources. On the other end of the American River Parkway in Folsom, discussions continue among city representatives about the merits of developing the shoreline and bluffs along Lake Natoma. And throughout the Parkway and creeks that feed the American River, illegal campers leave trash and debris while waste and fires destroy critical wildlife habitat. 

These are just three of the threats to the Lower American River and Parkway Save the American River Association will work to address in the coming year. Other critical issues include:

  • Continued testing to determine the source of the fecal contamination as indicated by the presence of E.coli in Lake Natoma and the Lower American River.
  • Continued initiatives to improve water flow and temperature conditions in the Lower American River where there has been a serious decline in salmon and trout populations.
  • Monitoring the impact of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that the Cruel and Unusual Punishments Clause of the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution precludes enforcement of any local ordinance that prohibits people from sleeping in public places when they have no other access to shelter.
  • Actively participating in the Lower American River Conservancy Program which will be used for grants, projects and studies that benefit the Lower American.


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