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Public Health Benefits of Urban River Parkways

Links: Protecting the Lower American River

Effie Yeaw Nature Center and Preserve
The Effie Yeaw Nature Center is an award-winning environmental and cultural education center located within the beautiful American River Parkway in Carmichael, California. Enjoy the 100-acre nature preserve featuring interpretive trails that meander through the riparian woodlands along the American River. See deer, coyotes, migratory songbirds, raptors and wild turkeys as you explore the preserve's lush oak woodlands. In July, 2010, Sacramento County gave the responsibility for running the Nature Center over to the American River Natural History Association.

American River Natural History Association
Founded on the premise that open space and contact with the natural world benefit the community and are essential to our quality of life. Endeavors to promote understanding of Sacramento's outdoor environment.

American River Parkway Volunteer Equestrian Trail Patrol
Serves as "the eyes and ears" in the protection of park property and resources.

Citizens to Save The Bluffs
Grassroots organization dedicated to raising money to protect the Fair Oaks Bluffs so that future generations can enjoy the panoramic vistas.
Mission is to protect the beauty and serenity of the American River Parkway from the threat of inappropriate development and profiteering by developers and builders within the Parkway Corridor Combining Zone.

Preserve Sutter Jensen
The Preserve Sutter-Jensen Committee has been organizing grassroots support for the 19 acre Sutter-Jensen Community Park in Carmichael to ensure usable open space for future generations.

Links: Protecting California Rivers and Beyond

American River Conservancy
Protects and enhances natural habitats where biodiversity can flourish; promotes, through environmental education, a broad ethic of stewardship.

California Whitewater Rafting:
This site is intended as a resource for commercial and private rafters in California. Goal is to provide river information, stories, discussion, gear, flows, and other resources specifically for rafters.

Friends of the River
Dedicated to preserving, protecting, and restoring California's rivers, streams, and their watersheds.

International Rivers Network
Works to halt the construction of destructive river development projects and to promote sound river management options worldwide.

Protect American River Canyons
Dedicated to the preservation of the wilderness, recreational, cultural and historical values of the American river and it's canyons.

Sierra Nevada Alliance
Regional coalition of organizations working on environmental issues & community-building in the Sierra.

Soil Born Farms
Encouraging individuals to participate in a system of food production that promotes healthy living, nutures the environment and brings people together to share the simple pleasures of living life in harmony with nature.

South Fork of the American River
Information on history, rafting, river flow levels, and more.

South Yuba River Citizens League
Community-based educational non-profit organization committed to the protection and preservation of the entire Yuba River watershed.

Whitewater Rafting in California
A resource for whitewater recreation in California.