SARA Issues

Land Issues

The Parks Department continues to suffer the effects of the extreme budget cuts in 2010, and is ill-equipped to handle the growing population of illegal campers, and the devastating damage to the River and Parkway's natural resources and threat to visitors' safety they bring.

While Sacramento County works at ending homelessness in our region, and bringing services to the people who need them, in 2015, SARA helped the Parks Department add 5 additional Park Rangers, 2 Parks Maintenance Workers 1, and 1 Associate Planner to their staff. We look forward to these incremental gains making a difference in the Department's ability to handle illegal camping, implement wildfire management strategies, as well as keep the Department on track to develop and execute a Resource Impact Monitoring Program as mandated by the American River Parkway Plan.

SARA seeks Sacramento County compliance with American River Parkway Plan. SARA filed a lawsuit in Sacramento Superior Court on December 19, 2013. View the Petition for Writ of Mandate and Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief that was filed with the Court.